The Role of Photography in User Experience Design

Another side to the argument

A smiling customer support representative is one of the most common clichés in visual communication
This glossy-looking family photo doesn’t bring a “personal touch” despite the good intentions

Use shots that complement your text

The simple photo on the website of the French restaurant speaks about the freshness of the food they serve

What are the types of images that can contribute to better user experience?

Showing real people at work helps reflect the relaxed, sincere atmosphere of the bar

Bottom line

  • Avoid irrelevant and not realistic shots
  • Use a few large impressive photos instead of lots of little ones
  • Post professional, high-quality images only
  • Be smart about optimizing your photos. This will help drive more traffic to your site
  • Choose images that stimulate the imagination




An online platform for authentic stock photos, videos and vectors.

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An online platform for authentic stock photos, videos and vectors.

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